The Healthy Room Project

The Healthy Room Project

The Healthy Room Project collaborates with first responders to identify at-risk youth needing essentials like a bed frame, mattress, bedding, desk, lamp, and even a new coat of paint. Our goal is to transform the lives of young people by creating a safe, clean, positive space for kids to study, sleep, and play in the comfort of their homes.

Our work is community-driven, so our projects seek to build trusting relationships, center community voices, and engage diverse stakeholders. We do this by working hand in hand with kids and their parents to design, plan for, and build their bedrooms.

Some examples of our work can be found in this video and the below article.

  • Age: All Ages
  • Where: Northern and Southern California
  • When: Monthly
  • Start and End Date: Year-round
  • Leaders: Janet Crown and Mark Kirunchyk
  • Get Involved: Email us at
  • Website:
Meet the Bell Family

Officer Sean Dodge met Angele Bell and her six children through a local church and developed a relationship over the past two years that inspired him to sponsor a Healthy Room Project.  Angela is a single mother who works full time with only four mattresses for six kids, Sean’s generosity led to a safe and comfortable place for all her children to sleep, learn and grow in the comfort of their own home.