5 Pillars

All of our programs are committed to five pillars of success:

Project Blue programs require all kids to meet a mandatory academic standard. Kids who do not meet this standard will participate in academic enrichment programming (which is also available to kids who exceed the mandatory standard).


Health & Wellness
Project Blue promotes kids’ physical and mental health through education, programming, and other activities. Kids in Project Blue programs get physically healthier and develop greater resilience.

Life Skills
Project Blue kids develop constructive interpersonal skills, professional etiquette and other capabilities that help them function effectively in life. Project Blue kids acquire the skills needed to become successful future adults and productive citizens in society.


Project Blue kids take part in regular service projects within their communities in order to develop pride in their community and a sense of the importance of contributing to their community thriving.


Support & Safety
Project Blue programs will ensure that each child has a parent or guardian meaningfully involved with that child’s participation, and provide extra mentoring for those in need. One or more police officers will lead or participate in each Project Blue program. Officers involved with programs engage with kids and parents in order to foster safety, community, and trust.

Up Metrics

UpMetrics is partnering with Project Blue to help its programs develop and track metrics tied to Project Blue’s five pillars. The UpMetrics platform and services team is designed specifically with the social sector in mind, empowering organizations to collect and analyze data to measure impact, track progress towards goals over time, and combine quantitative and qualitative data to tell compelling stories that inspire change.

Meet Kristin

Kristin MacDermott, LMFT, is an expert in resilience. She has created resilience-training programs for Navy SEALS, the LAPD, inner city children, hospitals, and universities and … Project Blue! Our after-school programs use her clinically-proven resources to facilitate ongoing conversations with kids about building self-awareness, developing self-esteem, and using obstacles to grow and thrive.