Executive Director: Marc Maye

Marc Maye grew up in Compton, Ca. and has also seen many of his peers fall victim to gang involvement and the street life. It was his support system that helped Marc realize that the fast route wasn’t the way to go. Marc stayed active and involved in church youth programs & sport programs in which he credits his reason for staying on track to this day. Marc also credits his grandfather’s guidance. “Without his guidance, I really don’t know where I would be this day” states Maye. Marc attending public schools within the Compton Unified School District from K-12th grade. He graduated from Compton Dominguez in 2001 and enrolled at CSUDH in the fall. Marc later graduated from CSUDH in the spring of 2006 earning his Bachelors in Kinesiology. He later returned to school and attended Mount St. Mary’s College where he received his Master’s Degree in Education and California Teaching Credentials in May of 2012.

Marc now serves as the Executive Director of Project Blue. An organization dedicated to creating safer communities by strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the community through youth programming. Project Blue’s mission is to also convene partners & resources together that focuses on closing the equity gap in inner city communities. With this focus, Project Blue hopes are to create new access and opportunities for young people to thrive and build a sense of hope within themselves & their respective communities. Marc has a strong passion for what he does and is committed to helping not only the youth but people all over. Marc is also the Co-Founder of 4wrdProgress Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching & developing life skills in young people through sports.

B/S Kinesiology CSUDH 2006
M/A Education Mt. St. Mary’s College 2012
Teaching Credentials Mt. St. Mary’s College 2012